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  Jean-Baptiste Moliere, the French seventeenth century playwright, is generally acknowledged as one of the greatest dramatists that the world has ever known. Moliere's genius took the form of comedic plays that present serious social commentary. While Moliere was commenting on his own era, human nature has not changed over the interceding centuries. Therefore, his work still has a great deal to say about the human condition to modern audiences. Moliere's plays burst the bubble of those who would take on the airs of self righteousness, as he holds up a comedic mirror on such behavior that shows it to be ludicrous and absurd.

   As examples such as Moliere's "Tartuffe" and "Don Juan" illustrate, this classic French author was a keen observer of human nature and the social conflicts that characterize daily life. While centuries have intervened, basic human nature has not changed. Therefore, the situations that Moliere dramatized still have relevance, and his insights are still helpful -- as well as entertaining.

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